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PhoneDoctor+ is one of the first shops who are capable to do glass replacement for both iPhone & Samsung phones. We have nearly 100 pieces of phones each day which go through this service. That is why we are so proficient in changing the screen. Most companies who do your glass replacement will not cover a long warranty as there actually is a high chance of malfunction after the glass change especially those which are severely cracked but still undergo the process of heat & pressure compression. For such badly cracked cases we will tell you upfront that it is not good to change.

However, here we provide you with also 3Mths of Warranty if we do the repair and whatever problem of touch sensitivity or failure we will honour as long there is no breakage and damage to the screen.


Come to PhoneDoctor+ for your iPhone screen replacement within 30mins or less. Our screens are covered by manufacturer warranty of 3 Mths. Most of our stock comes from OEM suppliers such as Foxconn.  At our outlets you can rest at ease with our superb quality and standard. If there is any problem within this period less breakage due to carelessness, we will COVER IT! Just come by with the valid receipt and unbroken product we will honour it.