iPhone 6s Screen Repair

Replace iphone 6s broken lcd screen, best service. Crack 6s screen replacement, 30 minutes. Phonebuzz iphone 6s screen repair Singapore. Call 9649 0909, iphone 6s screen repair

Why Phonebuzz is the Best at iPhone 6s screen repair?

1. We provide quality iPhone screen parts with warranty
2. We do all these screen repairs onsite and within 30 minutes
3. 1 Month warranty is provided for your satisfaction and assurance
4. We are definitely the cheapest in iPhone screen repairs in Singapore

How we change your iPhone 6S screen here at Phonebuzz iPhone Repair Centre?

iPhone 6S has the 3D touch function and is not as easy to change as the previous few models. This makes the lcd more compact and destroying the touchscreen is possible in amateur hands. We are able to complete this repair fast due to our special ability to do crack screens in a machine. This machine separates the glass and lcd quickly and safely.

How to avoid breaking your iPHone 6s screen?

We will insist that you purchase our $5 tempered glass promotion for all repairs customers. This will provide you with basic and adequate protection for your phone while you use it. Always use a soft silicon or rubberized casing to prevent damage from impact drops.

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