iPhone 7 repair

iPhone 7 screen repair Phonebuzz Singapore. Best quality, fast iphone 7 screen fix. iPhone 7 screen replacements at affordable prices. Call 9649 0909 to replace your cracked iphone 7 screen

Why get your iPhone 7 screen repaired at Phonebuzz service centre?

1. We use the best quality iphone 7 OEM screens
2. Longest warranty provided for iphone 7 screen replacements
3. Time taken is within 30 minutes to reduce wait time
4. Lowest prices are guaranteed for crack glass repair

How we change your iPhone 7 screen here at Phonebuzz Repair?

The 2 bottom screws are removed using a special iPhone screwdriver and the screen heated used a heat gun at 70% for approximately 3 minutes. Then the screen is opened and carefully the screen connectors are detached and small parts transferred to the new screen. The phone is powered off and allowed to cycle power by attaching the charging cable. The process takes 40 minutes in total.

How to prevent your iPhone 7 screen from getting broken?

We use hardened tempered glass to protect your iPhone 7 screen. You can get it for $5 for a basic tempered glass here at phonebuzz repair centre. If you need something better please do ask us for a recommendation.

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