iPhone Battery Replacement Singapore

Phonebuzz iPhone Battery Repair singapore. Full warranty, replace iphone battery in 30 minutes. Free diagnose, fix your bloated iphone battery. Express iphone battery replacement

Why Phonebuzz Repair Centre is a good place for replacing your iPhone Battery?

1. We do a full diagnostics on your phone before recommending battery replacement
2. Some iPhones which don’t hold charge may not be due to battery failure
3. Battery replacements only take about 15mins
4. We provide 1 month warranty all battery repairs

Description for iPhone Battery Replacement

We test your iphone first using a voltage current testing machine to check if there are any board related issues other than battery problems. This will ensure that once your phone battery is replaced there will be no other complications with your device from here on out. This process may need 5 – 10 minutes so we do ask for your patience.

How to extend the battery life of my iPhone?

We recommend using a original cable for all charging purposes for your iPhone good long term usage. Cheap $5 cables sold are not MFI certified and do not control the current and voltage going into the device. If there is a power surge, the device will short circuit and you will have to pay for an expensive board fix.

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