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Why get your iPhone LCD Repaired at PhoneBuzz?

Phonebuzz iphone repair centre provides quality iphone screen fixes for the best prices in the market. Our prices for iphone 7 plus lcd fixes are changed daily to reflect the most accurate prices. Our parts are sourced from the best OEM suppliers in the market and have a 1 month warranty provided for each and every repair.

Description for iPhone LCD Repair

Everybody hates the feeling of using a broken screen and with a malfunctioning display, your pictures may not show the millions of beautiful pixels.
Time taken for replacing the iphone lcd is about 30 – 40mins for a quality repair. Warranty provided for this repair is 1 month and if you do experience any touch screen sensitivity issues and distortions which are not caused by damage please do let us help you. Cracked screens and broken lcd are not able to be warrantied.
How to prevent my iphone lcd from getting broken
We suggest getting a tempered glass from us at $5 which will provide basic protection against any drops. We even sell Authentic Spigen cases which are shock absorbent and is sold cheaper than online retailers for our valued repair customers.


Come to PhoneDoctor+ for your iPhone screen replacement within 30mins or less. Our screens are covered by manufacturer warranty of 3 Mths. Most of our stock comes from OEM suppliers such as Foxconn.  At our outlets you can rest at ease with our superb quality and standard. If there is any problem within this period less breakage due to carelessness, we will COVER IT! Just come by with the valid receipt and unbroken product we will honour it.

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