iPhone Motherboard Repair Singapore

iPhone Motherboard Repair PhoneBuzz Singapore. Quality repairs, iphone board replacement. Free diagnostics, express iphone motherboard fix. Call 9649 0909, best iphone motherboard repair

Why you should repair your iPhone motherboard at Phonebuzz repair centre?

1. Full diagnostics done free before each repair
2. Motherboard repair prices are quoted before and are nett
3. Repairs take about 2-3 hours for basic motherboard repair
4. All board repairs are provided 2 months of warranty guarantee

Description for iPhone Motherboard Repair

When there is motherboard failure for your iPhone usually the integrated circuits are the ones which fail and require replacement. They will need to be de-soldered from the device and new ones re-balled back to the board. This require high level of skill and time expense taken. Please do not rush up for such repairs as it is a pain-staking job for our certified technicians.

How to prevent iPhone motherboard damage for your precious phone

Please use a proper charging cable which is MFI certified. Also try not to drop your phone too often as this can cause loosening of the motherboard ICs. Long term use for the iPhone also causes the ICs to degrade overtime. Phones are getting smaller and the soldering points also even smaller. This causes even faster weakening of joints when there is heat within the phone.

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