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People who have dedicated their souls to technology are always in search of newer devices. Although there is a number of companies that hold the right to make and sell Android devices Samsung has still maintained itself to be one of the best android selling company. Well, Samsung has maintained its position because of offering outclass features enriched devices including, touchphones, type phones, and notes. Business people tend to make assignments and presentations on the go, thus their first choice is to purchase Samsung note.
Samsung note 9 had created the hype even before its launch and technology-driven people were eagerly waiting for this device to out, but after its launch critiques couldn’t find it more than Samsung galaxy note 8, as it has got almost same features but just with a little bigger sized screen. Nevertheless, despite criticism, people still bought the Samsung note 9 excitedly and made it a big hit.

Samsung Note 9 Screen Damage and Repair

After huge sales success, there appear to come complaints regarding the vulnerable and sensitive touch screen of Samsung note 9 with a tendency to get damaged even with a small prod. Damaged skin for Samsung note 9 is not easy to repair as it involves removing the actual glass panel of the device. Samsung user was not so happy unless the entry of PhoneDoctor. Yes, PhoneDoctor is the dependable Samsung note 9 screen repair company that offers premium services to repair your brand new device.

Samsung Note 9 Screen Display Fixing

You don’t have to worry about your 6.4 inches infinity screen of Samsung note 9, if it has broken accidentally because, after PhoneDoctor fixing, the device will give you same cinematographic experience just like before. We use gorilla glass and AMOLED technology for Samsung note 9 screen repair so that after fixation, it would give some strength to the touchscreen of your phone and it won’t get broken.
We offer a number of accidental recovery services for your Samsung note 9 screen repair. For example;
• In case you have thrown your phone accidentally on a stone surface and the display screen of your phone is completely shattered. PhoneDoctor has got plenty of touchscreen options such as gorilla glass and AMOLED to fix the touchscreen of your phone. This fixation will not bring any harm to the touchscreen, and it will remain equally responsive.
• Along with this, if your phone has got wet and the water has reached to its endless corners, PhoneDoctor has got the world-class technology to get it dried. Anyhow, if drying the phone won’t fix the problem, we will have to move to hardware replacement option – it depends upon the condition of your phone.
• PhoneDoctor performs all this in quote lower rates which are easily affordable for you. We have got payment plans, and if you opt one, you can get your phone fixed for free, every time it is broken.
Remember, it’s better to spend for the betterment of your device, instead of going for cheap solutions.

How to prevent Samsung screen damage for your Galaxy phone?

Most new screens are curved like the Samsung s8 or the s7 edge. This means that you have to use a curved tempered glass and this most certainly reduces the sensitivity of the phone. You might want to try our new full gel touch sensitive AvantGuard series from Japan. This might be more expensive but it will save you from a costly AMOLED screen replacement.

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